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Capital: Wellington
Population: 4,405,200 (2011) World Bank
Currency:New Zealand Dollar (NZD 1= BDT 65.00)
Official Language: English (96%) and Maori
Largest City: Auckland
Education System: British

Student Visa General
You can apply for a New Zealand visa as a student. Most international students planning on studying and living in New Zealand will need a visa or student permit.

Eligibility for NEW ZEALAND Student Visa

Basic Requirements for Study Permit in NEW ZEALAND….
• Minimum O’ level or SSC
• An offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
• Good IELTS Score
• A written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand (if you're under 18 years)
• All educational certificates & documents
• Sufficient funds to live on while you are studying
• Only need to show one year fund
• Immediate family members can sponsor
• Bank loan accepted
• A return air ticket to your country, or evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.

Masters Program
• 4 Years Bachelor Degree
• IELTS – 6.0 / 6.5

The following documents we prepare for students who are applicant for New Zealand student visa:
1. Your passport, valid for the duration of your studies plus one month.
2. The correct processing fee
3. A letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution confirming name and length of the program, tuition fees, living expenses, semester for which the admission is valid and last date for registration.
4. All educational documents, including marks sheets (SSC, HSC, Bachelors, Masters or other post-secondary, college, vocational or university diploma, certificate or degree).
5. Proof of funds sufficient to cover your tuition and living expenses for your first year of study in NEW ZEALAND.
6. You must provide a one year statement of transactions from personal bank account(s) (an original certified bank issued statement or a certified copy of passbooks), as well as fixed deposit certificates, savings certificates, PSP certificates or any other proof of savings.
7. You must also demonstrate that sufficient funds will be available to support yourself during the whole duration of your program.
8. Confirmation of any scholarship, grant, teaching or research assistantship including name of the providing institution or organization, amount per semester or year and duration.
9. If some or the totality of your funds is provided by a sponsor (either parents or third party) you must also include:
• Notarized declaration of sponsorship. If you have more than one sponsor, a separate declaration must be provided for each sponsor. However, sponsors who are husband and wife can appear on the same declaration
• Details of assets and income for each sponsor with supporting documents such as property documentation, land deeds, rent agreement, business license, business tax information, employment letter with salary information.
• You must also provide the income tax forms (tax assessments and tax paid receipts showing total income and amount of income tax paid) for the past two years.

Documents required for application:

1. Recent passport size photo (2 copies)
2. Photocopy of passport (1st two pages - MRP)
3. Statement of purpose (SOP)
4. Photocopy of all academic transcripts *
5. Photocopy of IELTS /TOEFL **
6. Two reference letters from your tutor / professor ***
7. Academic CV
8. Proposal (PHD applicants only)
9. Financial statements from bank ****

Why Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is famous for the great outdoors and epic landscapes but according to New Zealand’s Ministry of Education the three main cities of interest to international students are: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The country's education system is based on the British system, which makes it recognized in a number of countries so students can either progress to further education in New Zealand or other English speaking nations, or move to further study or employment back in their home countries easily.
Intakes: Jan- February, July and sometimes in September.
When to apply: At least Six months prior to class start date.
Institutions: New Zealand has 8 govemment Universities & 25 government funded Polytechniques and Institutes of Technology providing Vocational/Under graduate/Post Graduate Programs.
Scholarship: Available
Part Time Work facility: 20 hours per week during program and 40 hours during Christmas and New Year Vacation. The minimum wages paid per hour is NZ$ 12.50.
Full Time Work facility: After Two years of Diploma or one year of Post graduate course. Opportunity for Permanent Residency: Some of the programs highly recognized for permanent Residency is from engineering/ Business/ computing /Health Science/Hospitality Background.
Are dependents allowed to come along: Yes

Admission and Visa Process for NEW ZEALAND

3 Easy steps @ Visa solution center to STUDY IN NEW ZEALAND


1. Submit a complete CV
2. Submit all academy documents (attested by the Education board / foreign ministry / notarization).
3. Passport.
4. 5 Copy pp size Photos.
5. Provide a bank certificate & bank Statement.
6. All the above documents will be couriered to the university.


1. Pay FEE (depend on College/University) for nonrefundable Application fee payable to the College/University.
2. The university will take 4 to 6 weeks to confirm the admission. And provide you I-20.


1. Upon receiving I-20 students need to pay tuition fee +bank service charge +courier charge for money receipt.
2. Students need to submit their sponsor papers. (Anybody can be sponsor).
Minimum 1 year equivalent Tuition + Living cost + others (showing in I-20) have to be shown in sponsor's bank account for at least 3 to 4 months.
3. Visa application fees US$ 225 + US$ 28 (none refundable VISA fee).
4. VFS will accept the application and give the interview date in next 10 days (aprox).
5. Upon issuance of the visa Students must transfer 1st Semester tuition fees to the university.

NOTE: The tuition fees varies from NZ$ 18000 to NZ25000 per year.

Final Step at Visa Solution Center

✔ Once all the paper works mentioned above are done , we will submit the documents to BNZEF for verification (application fees inside Dhaka US$ 200 and outside Dhaka US$ 250) with 15% VAT
✔ Upon issuance of the report from BNZEF the final visa application has to send to INZ Delhi (visa application fee US$ 225 + US$ 28).
✔ You may face a telephone interview (if required).
✔ Upon issuance of the pre-visa you have to pay one year tuition fee to the institution and visa will be stamped on the passport.

Visitor Visa General
You can apply for a New Zealand visa as a visitor for Short-term. Most applications for visitor visas (temporary resident visas) are processed within a few weeks or less.


1. Have a valid letter of acceptance from an educational institution.
2. Have adequate funds available to you to pay for your tuition and living expenses while in New Zealand and to return to your country of residence.
3. Have strong enough social and economic ties to Bangladesh.
4. Are in good health.
5. Are law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity.
6. Will not be a risk to the security of New Zealand.
7. Details of where you intend to stay and your travel plans.


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