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Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Population: 4,405,200 (2011) World Bank
Currency:Malaysian ringgit
Official Language: English
Education System: British

The process of applying for a student pass is simple. The Malaysian institution of higher education which has offered international students like YOU a place to study at their institution will apply for the student pass on your behalf, prior to your arrival in Malaysia. A letter of approval for a student pass will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department to the educational institution which has offered YOU a place to study. The educational institution will send the approval letter to YOU while YOU are still in YOUR own country.

Eligibility for IRELAND Student Visa

• Minimum SSC / O Level
• Immediate family members can sponsor
• Only need to show one year fund
• No Source required
• Bank loan accepted
• 4 Years Bachelor Degree
• No visa interview

NOTE: no IELTS required.

Documents required for application:

• Passport, plus two photocopies
• Two copies of the visa application form (IMM.47)
• Two passport-size photographs of the applicant
• Proof of a confirmed return ticket, plus two photocopies
• Bank statement
• Invitation letter, if applicable
• All valid document & certificates
• English language proficiency
• Evidence of student's ability to finance their education cost in Malaysia
• An offer letter or letter of acceptance from the educational institution to the student

Why study in Malaysia!

Malaysia has one of the best and most respected education systems in the world. Every year, thousands of students from other countries pursue their educational goals in Malaysia. Malaysia is investing heavily in turning itself into a leading study destination, and its efforts appear to be paying off - a growing number of international students are opting to study in Malaysia. For those who want to make their study-abroad experience a real adventure, there’s plenty of scope to explore a diverse variety of landscapes – from orangutan sanctuaries and rainforest, to beautiful beaches and islands.
Intakes: Jan- February, July and sometimes in September.
When to apply: At least Six months prior to class start date.
Scholarship: Available
Opportunity for residency: Yes
Part Time Work facility: 20 hours per week during program and 40 hours during Christmas and New Year Vacation.
Full Time Work facility: After Two years of Diploma or one year of Post graduate course.
Are dependents allowed to come along: Yes

Admission and Visa Process for MALAYSIA

3 Easy sTEPS @ Visa solution center to STUDY IN IRELAND


1. Main Passport with all pages photocopy in A4 size
2. 8 Copy pp size Photos (lab print)
3. Submit all academic Certificate (attested by the Education Ministry foreign ministry/notarization)
4. Police clearance (if applicable).
5. Medical certificate / Health examination report.
6. All the above documents will be couriered to the university.


1. Make bank Draft or pay cash for nonrefundable Registration fee & Electronic VISA processing fee payable to the College / University (depend on College / University)
2. The Immigration Department of Malaysia will take 3 to 6 weeks to confirm the EVISA. And provide you Electronic VISA


1. Upon receiving I-20 students need to pay tuition fee +bank service charge +courier charge for money receipt.
2. Once all the papers mentioned above are done, student will go to Embassy assessment Centre for attestation (if applicable)
3. After attestation we will submit passport to the embassy for stamp VISA (if applicable)
4. Fly to MALAYSIA.

There are three types of visas issued to foreigners by the Malaysian government:
1. Single Entry Visa.
2. Multiple Entry Visa.
3. Transit Visa.
Single Entry Visa: Valid for a single entry and for three months from the date of issued.
Multiple Entry Visa: Usually valid for one year, but each visit must be no longer than 30 days. I multiple entries are permitted on condition that the applicant has:
• Sufficient funds for their intended stay
• Return ticket
Transit Visa: Anyone who needs a visa to enter and travel through Malaysia must apply for a transit visa. A transit visa is necessary only when a person leaves one of Malaysia's airports or travels overland through Malaysia.


1. Have a valid letter of acceptance from an educational institution.
2. Have adequate funds available to you to pay for your tuition and living expenses while in Canada and to return to your country of residence.
3. Have strong enough social and economic ties to Bangladesh.
4. Are in good health.
5. Are law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity.
6. Will not be a risk to the security of Canada.
7. Details of where you intend to stay and your travel plans


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