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Capital: Dublin
Population: 6,378,000 (2011) World Bank
Official Language: English
Largest City: Dublin

Academic (F-1) Visa- A student wishing to attend a university or other academic institution in the United States, including primary and secondary schools, or a language training program requires an F-1 visa.
Nonacademic (M-1) Visa - A student wishing to pursue a course of study which is not principally academic in nature at an established vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution such as a post secondary vocational or business school requires an M-1 visa.

Eligibility for IRELAND Student Visa

Basic Requirements for Study Permit in IRELAND:

• Minimum O’ level or SSC
• An offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority
• Good IELTS Score
• A written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in Ireland (if you're under 18 years)
• All educational certificates & documents
• Sufficient funds to live on while you are studying
• Only need to show one year fund
• Immediate family members can sponsor
• Bank loan accepted
• A return air ticket to your country, or evidence of sufficient funds to buy one.

Documents required for application:

1. Attested copies of transcripts or mark sheets of class X, class XII, and qualifying examinations
2. Two academic reference letters from professors who have taught you most recently
3. In case you have previous work experience, at least one reference letter from the employer, commenting on your professional skills and abilities
4. Statement of purpose
5. Up-to-date curriculum vitae
6. extra-curricular activities certificates
7. Students applying for Arts and Design courses should submit a portfolio.

NOTE: IELTS requirements are Diploma 5.5, UG: 6.0, Graduate Dip: 6.0/ 6.5, PG: 6.5

Visa Procedure

1. In Ireland, immigration for candidates wishing to apply for an Irish student visa requires that the following criteria be met.
2. A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full time course of study at a recognized Irish educational institution. The course must involve at least fifteen hours of study per week.
3. Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves and any dependents joining them in the country.
4. It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full and evidence that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself for at least the initial part of your stay.
5. Private medical insurance must be arranged and documentary evidence of this must be provided.
6. Copies of your educational qualifications.

Why Study in IRELAND?

Education in Ireland is one of the best ever giving the students what they want actually during the studies. According to the survey in IMD World Competitiveness Report in 2007, Ireland is one of the best countries for its education system. Ireland has few universities of the World’s top 500 universities, for this Ireland stands 8th in the world for its education system.
Intakes: Jan- February, July and sometimes in September.
When to apply: At least Six months prior to class start date.
Scholarship: Available
Part Time Work facility: 20 hours per week during program and 40 hours during Christmas and New Year Vacation.
Full Time Work facility: After Two years of Diploma or one year of Post graduate course.
Are dependents allowed to come along: Yes

Admission and Visa Process for IRELAND

3 Easy sTEPS @ Visa solution center to STUDY IN IRELAND


1. Submit a complete CV
2. Submit all academy documents (attested by the Education board / foreign ministry / notarization).
3. Passport.
4. 5 Copy pp size Photos.
5. Provide a bank certificate & bank Statement.
6. All the above documents will be couriered to the university.


1. Pay $50 to $100 (depend on College/University) for nonrefundable Application fee payable to the College/University.
2. The university will take 4 to 6 weeks to confirm the admission. And provide you I-20.


1. Upon receiving I-20 students need to pay tuition fee +bank service charge +courier charge for money receipt.
2. Students need to submit their sponsor papers. (Anybody can be sponsor).
Minimum 1 year equivalent Tuition + Living cost + others (showing in I-20) have to be shown in sponsor's bank account for at least 3 to 4 months.
3. Visa application fees $141 (none refundable VISA fee).
4. Upon issuance of the visa Students must transfer 1st Semester tuition fees to the university.
5. Fly to IRELAND.

Final Step at Visa Solution Center

✔ Once all the paper works mentioned above are done, we will submit the documents.
✔ You may face a telephone interview (if required).
✔ Upon issuance of the pre-visa you have to pay one year tuition fee to the institution and visa will be stamped on the passport.

Business Visitor B-1 Visa
Tourist B-2 Visa (includes medical travel)


1. Have a valid letter of acceptance from an educational institution.
2. Have adequate funds available to you to pay for your tuition and living expenses while in Ireland and to return to your country of residence.
3. Have strong enough social and economic ties to Bangladesh.
4. Are in good health.
5. Are law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity.
6. Will not be a risk to the security of Ireland.
7. Details of where you intend to stay and your travel plans


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