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In order to open a file at PPO Visa Solution Center all applicants need these as follows:
• Valid Passport (6months)
• Photocopy of Certificates
• Photocopy of all Travel Documents
• File Opening Charge

Requirements for General student Visa

Minimum ‘A’ level or HSC certificate(all academic transcript)
Completed Application form
Medical certificate (if any)
Documentation of your financial support to cover all expenses
Good English proficiency or IELTS/ TOEFL test scores

Requirements for Special Student Visa or Other Student applicants

Minimum ‘O’ Level or SSC certificate
Bank statement & solvency
Good English proficiency

Requirements for Visit Visa

Financial document
Good Professional Profile
NOC letter
Hotel booking papers
Air ticket (If required)

Here will be a dynamic form while we will make it in wordpress.

Contact universities, collect form and submit Application.

Select your desired country & school
Visit our office or Apply online
Submit Application form
Open a File with passport & all academic certificates or travel documents
Pay file opening charge
Pay Tuition fees (if required)
Take visa interview preparation training
Face interview on scheduled date
Buy air ticket
Fly towards your destination

Additional documents you may have to provide during processing are;
• Bank Statement
• Affidavit of Sponsorship
• NOC/Leave letter (If required)
• Personal Profile Documents
• Hotel Reservation

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